Festival Jewelry Ideas

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

For all of festival lovers, the key to the perfect look is completing your outfit with the perfect jewelry. Jewelry helps you to show your own personal style.

If you love music festivals as much as us, you should definitely follow us on Instagram because we are planning to attend a lot of festivals this year. We’ll share all our experiences on our Instagram page. We know one of the biggest challenges for festival goers is to find a perfect custom that feels ready to party. Next step for some of them is to complete their look with a piece of jewelry. Those who look for a unique style to complete their look, our site would be a perfect choice. From a diamond minimalist stud to fun bangle trends, Pollia Diamond offers so many beautiful jewelry options to its followers.

After we had a great experience at Ultra Miami in April, we decided to book another ticket for the one of the upcoming festivals last year. We chose to go to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Orlando in November to get more fun and discover more festival trends in person. We know the another bigger EDC is held in Las Vegas but what we heard was EDC Orlando is also great. We’ve seen a lot of great outfits and customs in the festival. People who attends festivals are so creative. You can feel freedom in the air. This powers-up all those creative ideas. Most of the festival lovers have completed their look with a piece of jewelry. We’ve seen a lot of colorful handmade bracelets, solid rings and bands besides minimalist earring studs. In addition to this, of course love was everywhere. There were some “love” prints on top and bottom customs. That’s why we said we should definitely have a “love” ring in our next collection. You can purchase this ring from our site. It's a beautiful simple gold ring with diamonds.

We started to work on our next collection as soon as we got back from this festival. We came home with so many great ideas. We focused on minimalist handmade designs to offer unique styles to our customers. Pollia Diamond always seeks to bring the perfect design to everyday life.

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