Coachella Style Jewelry

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Amazing experience! As we mentioned before, we are festival lovers. We love all kinds of music but of course EDM is our favorite. We knew Coachella is not EDM festival, it’s art and music festival but as everyone says it was like nothing else. We had been thinking of going to Coachella and finally we did it. Now we can scratch off this our bucket list. Of course the reasons to go to this festival was to see unique arts, jewelry trends, ambiance and artists. Besides that, we had some unique experiences in this great festival. We stayed in a tent near Lake El Dorado. We lived at the festival for 96 hours. We listened to Ariana Grande live first time. Great performance!!! Idris Elba played at Coachella and that was amazing! There are so many great things we can talk about Coachella.

If you want to keep yourself updated about the latest jewelry trends, I would say you can always explore the new trends in these art and music festivals. Well, like it or not, 
Coachella is one of those festivals that all the influencers, fashion icons and social media stars come in and try to touch their global reach. We’ve seen some great jewelry designs such as huge hoops, big drop earrings, minimalist fine rings, and gold necklaces. Especially the pendant necklaces were everywhere. Pollia Diamond has different pendants on its site. All of them comes in solid gold. If you want a unique design on you, you can choose an animal pendants to complete your look for this amazing festival. Yes we saw bird, dog and cat pendants in the festival but we offer different unique options on our site such as deer pendants, sitting cat and more. We’ll start sharing some photos in our blog posts in the future so you can reference it if you’d like to wear like Coachella style jewelry.

There is one last thing we’d like to talk about which is layered necklaces. This sounds a little unfamiliar for some people but it’s not that hard. We’ve seen that so many girls mix long and short necklaces in the festival and we loved that combination. We’ll have beautiful necklace styles on our site soon. Our products are ready. We just need to get them shot in the studio so we can add them to our website so you can order them very soon. Thanks!

Stay Tuned!

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