How to Choose Your Birthstone by Month

In 1912, The Jewelers of American published the modern birthstone list in Kansas, however they’ve became popular for the couple of decades. Birthstones might be a special gift for birthday. It’s kind of personalized gift. There are a couple of different ways to find someone’s birthstone which means every person have at least 2-3 birthstones. You can define someone’s birthstone by month, by day of the week or by zodiac. For example, someone who was born in July on Tuesday, ruby and emerald would be the birthstones for this person. Pollia Diamond offers stunning ruby rings with diamonds in solid gold. You can find these rings on our site if you want to get a birthstone gift for someone you love. You can find a chart below that shows gemstones associated with a birth month.

The other way you can find someone’s birthstone would be the day they were born. Below is a table that shows gemstones by day of the week. Also you can find a stone below based on the energy of the day.

If you get confused about what stone to wear due to 2-3 options, they are all right to each aspect. You can also combine all these birthstones or you can wear each birthstone on different days of the week.

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